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As doctors and health care professionals, we are taught about the clinical aspects of care in order to be successful in patient care. However, we are rarely taught about what it takes to hire, manage, train and to retain quality staff. We are busy making sure that patients are taken care of and that revenues are generated. We have little time to dedicate to making sure we develop staff that are trained enough, motivated and given clear direction in order to give our patients the best experience.

In Fix My Staff: Tools to Create and Retain an Unbreakable Team, optometry leader, Dr. Mesheca C. Bunyon shares a toolkit of items that are designed to build a team beginning with a solid foundation. The tools that you find in any toolkit can be synonymously related to various tools that help with staff management and development. Dr. Mesheca shows that with the proper tools, you can create and retain an unbreakable team.



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